Your Visit

On your initial visit, you will be asked about important information involving symptoms and what limitations these symptoms have on your daily life. A focused neurologic examination will then be performed. Your diagnostic test and radio test will be reviewed, and a number of treatment options will be presented. Risk and benefits of each option will be discussed that will assist in making the final decision. This will be a joint decision between the patient and doctor.

Patient Responsibility

Dr. Angeles believes that the patient play a big part in deciding which treatment is best. As a patient it is important that you have the responsibility to participate and take ownership involving your health care. Please feel free to ask questions and clarification about your health condition and the proposed treatment plan. You are encouraged to bring your family and close friends to your clinic appointment so that they may be educated with regards to your health position.

If you have chosen to pursue surgery, you must approach it with confidence and positive mental attitude. A thorough understanding of the anticipated outcome, having realistic goals, and wilingess to achieve these goals are key.


If you have an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. They will be in direct contact with Dr. Angeles or the on-call physician.